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Summer with Cabal

Posted: 12 July 2021 by Stephanie Riddell

Summer with Cabal No.1513 | By Plato Moysiadis, Brand Ambassador for Cabal

Summer is here! Lots of people are asking for new serve ideas for drinks to accompany their plans for more BBQs, outdoor dining and the warmer weather, so here are a few of our favourites.

Any drink can be a summer drink. Depending on your personal preferences, there are certain options that lend themselves better to sunny days.

At this time of year, we love fresh, seasonal ingredients, cold liquids, and effervescence (bubbles!). A summer drink needs to tick at least one of these boxes. If it ticks all three, even better.

Why not try something new this summer? We’ve been experimenting with our new Cabal No.1513 rum and have created several recipes that perfectly showcase these summer drink qualities.

First up we have a classic highball style drink: The Cabalero.

If you’re after a quick thirst-quencher then look no further. You will only need three ingredients for this one, but the way you put them together makes all the difference.

Take a highball glass and fill it with ice, all the way to the top. This is important. In order to achieve maximum chill and dilution, we need as much ice as we can fit inside the glass. And as a bonus, this will ensure the temperature of the drink is consistent throughout the glass, as opposed to having a couple of floating ice cubes that will only chill the top part of the liquid.

Pour 50ml of Cabal No.1513 and 10ml of freshly squeezed orange juice. Squeezing a large orange wedge should give about 10ml of juice. Finally, top-up with ginger ale and stir lightly to make sure all ingredients are mixed. Garnish with a fresh orange wedge and you’re done.

The fresh orange juice plays a huge role in this seemingly simple drink, as it introduces a little acidity that brings the sweet flavour back down to the perfect balance of sweet and sour.

If you like your refreshments to be a little more herbaceous, try our Cabal Royale. Basil is in full bloom during the summer and it is one of my favourite herbs to use in food, and also cocktails. Here’s the recipe:

In a highball glass add 50ml Cabal No. 1513, 20ml of fresh lime juice, 15ml of maple syrup and a handful of basil leaves. Tap the basil leaves in the palm of your hand before adding as this will release their aroma. Add crushed ice (cubed ice will work just as well) and stir well to chill the mixture. Add more ice all the way to the top of your glass and top-up with dry sparkling wine. Garnish with a basil leaf and let yourself get lost in basil heaven!

If you’re the kind of drinker who enjoys fruity concoctions then our Farewell To Rums is the choice for you. We usually use strawberry jam for this one but since fresh strawberries are at their best this time of year, it would be a shame not to make the most of them.

In a shaker full of ice add:

50ml Cabal No. 1513, 20ml of fresh grapefruit juice, 15ml of fresh lime juice, 10ml sugar syrup, a handful of mint leaves and three diced strawberries. Shake well for at least 20-30 seconds and fine strain into a cocktail glass of your choice.  Garnish with mint and/or strawberry, and taste the freshness.

Enjoy our rum serves responsibly this summer. And be sure to share them with the people you love, as rum and cocktails always work best in good company

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