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Cabal & Co | Manomasa: Yucatan Daiquiri 

Posted: 20 September 2021 by Douglas Bowden-Smith

Cabal & Co | Manomasa: Yucatan Daiquiri | By Plato Moysiadis, Brand Ambassador for Cabal

I’ve always had a recipe idea that involved taking a classic Daiquiri and elevating it by adding honey and an element of chilli spice. When I saw the Serrano chilli & Yucatan honey flavour of Manomasa I thought it was the perfect opportunity to make the recipe come true!

I made a Yucatan Honey Syrup by diluting 2 parts Yucatan honey (you can get it from Waitrose) to 1 part hot water.

I then dried and crushed some red chillies to make a chilli powder. Then I followed a classic recipe for a Daiquiri, including the above ingredients.


-50ml Cabal No1513 

-20ml freshly squeezed lime juice

-10ml Yucatan Honey Syrup

-Pinch of crushed chilli powder (add more to taste for a spicier result)

Then I thought about incorporating the actual tortilla chips as the garnish so I put a handful in a blender and turned them into a powder which I then used as my rim garnish, like you would do with salt in a margarita. The result was spot-on and I didn’t even need to tweak the recipe, which is always a good sign of a flavour combo that works!

Cabal & Co | Manomasa: Yucatan Daiquiri

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