Environmental Policy

Our sustainability ethos


Our vision is simple; to collectively create the most consumer-conscious rum brand. This goes above and beyond the conventional, regular and the mundane. We call our group of consumers ‘the Cabal’ – they are valued, headed and listened to. That’s why the Cabal collectively participates, steers and has an active voice in our long-term vision to be more sustainable in all that we do, from cane to cask, Cabal to consumer.


The Cabal is made up of different people; real people, from rum champions to whisky connoisseurs, to spirit lovers, food and drink professionals and spirits trade experts. Much like our rum, the Cabal rises above the noise of the status quo to create new, delicious blends and exceptional single-sourced rums that are naturally finished creating distinctive flavour profiles which endeavour to avoid harming our planet. Through a sense of belonging, responsibility and connection, the Cabal is consciously united in a like-minded ethos of continually reducing our negative impact on the environment and our planet, as both committed individuals, and as a company.


What does sustainability mean to us? Innovation and the natural environment are at the very heart of what we endeavour to harness in the creation of our naturally finished rums – that’s why we never limit our sourcing options. We are proud to actively seek all raw ingredients, products, services, office and professional supplies only from companies and distilleries which have demonstrated that they too have taken significant and effective measures to deliver both social and environmental efficiencies. We owe this to our planet, our consumers and the Cabal. 


Actions speak louder than words. That’s why the individual aged rums which culminate in the creation of our products are sourced from renowned distilleries in the Caribbean, Guyana, Guatemala, Trinidad and Panama which are equally committed to reducing any negative environmental and social impact. 

We trade with members of SEDEX, a membership organisation that provides one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains, and who are certified to trade organic, Bonsucro and Fairtrade products. All transit packaging used for our products and in the fulfilment of customer orders is not only award-winning, but innovative, progressive, sustainable, paper-based plastic alternatives, and suitable for a changing spirits industry and world. This has significantly reduced our contribution to the single-use plastic production waste stream.

Our bottling partners and suppliers comply with environmental laws, guidelines and standards, and are responsive to demands of preserving the global environment and protecting people’s health and safety. In the creation of our products, we have incorporated current best-in-class environmental elements, such as light energy-efficient green building technology and fully recyclable light-weight glass bottle design, tin closures and sustainably sourced 100% natural cork. Our labelling partners nurture exceptionally strong relationships with international organisations with a focus on circular economies, sustainability, waste reduction, recycling and partnerships that help to reduce our negative environmental impact.

We promote the efficient use of materials and resources throughout all of our facilities including water, electricity and other resources, particularly those that are, only when unavoidable, non-renewable. As a company, we actively engage and promote with all employees, trading partners and the wider Cabal, recognised and efficient energy, waste and environmental management practices and continuously strive to improve our environmental policy, performance and carbon footprint reduction.

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