We make globally renowned, award-winning and exceptionally high-quality liquids, informed by the consumer.

Our rums are independently judged, critically acclaimed, distinctive and flexible because they are developed and tested by both real people and industry experts. They have wide appeal and have been developed to offer choice in the way they are enjoyed and consumed.

Our Process

We always make our products together. We look at what people are currently loving, exploring and drinking across rum and spirits and use this to create new and exciting trial liquids from reputable industry suppliers and distilleries. We then talk through and test our trial samples together with our consumers, the trade and other industry experts.
We ask them to tell us what they like, what they don’t like, what they can detect to the nose and the palate, how, when and with whom they might serve and enjoy it.

We then source our liquid and other items that we might require to create the preferred liquid, such as casks, from our supply chain. We always complete thorough checks with our suppliers from a product and corporate integrity, regulatory, sustainability and quality perspective.

For Cabal No. 1513, we have sourced our Pedro Ximénez casks from Speyside Cooperage and worked with Caley Casks on the racking, storage and finishing of our product. Only once we have sampled our rum ourselves, and are confident it is a true representation of the taste and quality we expect, do we then take our product to our handling company in Scotland for bottling and packaging. Then it is ready for you to purchase, enjoy and share.

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