(Makes 1. Multiply ingredients to make a larger batch)

  • 1 whole egg
  • 20gr caster sugar (or 3 heaped teaspoons)
  • 75ml full fat milk (or 3 shots)
  • 75ml double cream (or 3 shots)
  • 25ml Cabal 1513 (or 1 shot)
  • 15ml Pedro Ximenez sherry (or about ½ shot)

Blend egg(s) in a blender on slow speed until smooth. Add the sugar and blend until all of it is dissolved. Add rum, sherry, milk and cream and keep blending for a few seconds until fully incorporated. Pour straight into a large glass of your choice (or a bottle and refrigerate if making a larger batch) and garnish with fresh nutmeg.

Serve Suggestions

Cabal celebrates our similarities and our differences. We enjoy our luxury, award-winning rum in a variety of different ways and have created our signature serves with this in mind. Whether you enjoy it neat, mixed or in a cocktail, there’s a serve for everyone.

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